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Two years ago,
after my grandmother died, my grandpa gave me her old Bible to burn in the temple.

Last year, when I performed the official ceremony for Kip and Renee’s wedding (At the Temple), Grandpa gave me his old “marrying Bible.” It wasn’t a Christian service, but the object itself held the power of blessing 1000+ couples.

This year, after turning 92, Grandpa Caleb gave me his old bible to burn at the temple.

It was worn and filled with notes. He used it for 30 years of sermons and took it around the world. Many people asked me, “Why would he want that burned!?” I knew why. But his preparations for his next transition didn’t really hit me until the day the Temple burned. I spent hours there. I cried harder than I have in years. I spoke with the artist, David Best, and he picked out the perfect place to put Caleb’s bible.

We left it open to the first page. The page that read, “Please Return to….”

If anyone doubts the power of art...If anyone misunderstands the “rave” that is Burning Man… they should go straight to David Best’s temple next year. The structure itself is awe inspiring. A towering monument made of recycled wood trash. Then, as people fill it with heartfelt messages, it gathers an indescribable power. Thousands of people empty their hearts into this communal expression. The sound of wailing fills the place. It is so powerful, it simply must be experienced to understand. Then…after being completed less than a week…it burns. And all of our hearts’ contributions ride the flames to heaven.

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